Our goals for the Lower Elementary Classroom are to have everybody develop strong academic skills, to learn to get along peacefully with each other, and to become self-reliant so they can become contributing citizens of the planet Earth.

Lower Elementary Classroom

Lower Elementary Classroom

Some Interesting Information about Our Lower Elementary Classroom

Our Montessori-based classroom of 6 to 9 year-olds has many unique educational features.

Individualized Education

Each child in our classroom has an individualized learning program. Before the school year begins, each child is assessed and his/her beginning work program is set up. During the year as the child masters new concepts and skills presentations are given and new work taken on. In addition to working on the traditional school activities, children have a wide variety of learning activities to foster their growth and understanding.

Models for Learning

When a new concept is introduced to the child, models are used to help the child understand the concept being taught. This is particularly true in math where there are models for everything from learning the concept of basic addition ( Bead Bars and Strip Boards) through Fractions (Insets) and Long Division (Stamp Game). In Montessori the “hand teaches the mind” and as the child works with the materials the concept is learned and the child goes on to doing the work without the use of the models.

One-on-one teacher involvement


The children in our class can access several innovative programs through the laptops, tablets, and desktop computers located throughout the classroom. We have approximately one computer for every two students. The specialized computer programs we have enable the students to reinforce concepts and help the teachers to assess and document progress.

Technology in the classroom


Music is a key part of our curriculum, and the Lower Elementary students are immersed in making music in a variety of forms. All Lower Elementary students learn to play the violin in twice-weekly lessons under the tutelage of our master Strings Instructor Kristina Beachell, and they participate in three concerts per year. They also gain skill and confidence in singing under the guidance of Annette Foldes through the City of Sedona’s Artist in the Classroom program. Finally, our classroom teachers help the students learn to play recorder.

Square dancing is also an integral part of the school year, and showcased at our year-end celebration.

Singing instruction with Annette Foldes


Children focus on art projects during “Art in the Afternoon” twice per week. Currently children are working on activities based on the Mesozoic Era in addition to their stitching of animals.