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Healthy Organic Hot Lunches

We are proud to offer hot lunches prepared by Culinary Creations by Beth. Beth’s motto is “Love in Every Bite,” and you can taste it in her food! All natural and organic ingredients, hormone-free meat and dairy, vegetarian and vegan options every day.

Organic Hot Lunches

Organic Hot Lunches

Honors Math

Our advanced math students soar with instruction from former engineer Richard Byrnes. Honors math is explored in the quiet space of our historic little log cabin. After spending time in Mr. Byrne’s class, students love the challenge of solving complex problems, and are well-prepared for rigorous, high-level courses in high school.

Honors Math

Honors Math

Musical Strings Instruction for Grades 1 through 8

We believe that the enjoyment, respect and knowledge of music and the development of the skills necessary in creating and performing music enhance learning, enrich quality of life and nourish the human spirit. Therefore, our mission is to provide a foundation, at an early age, for lifelong engagement with music. All students in grades 1 through 3 learn to play the violin and perform in concerts at least twice per year. In grades 4 through 8 students who continue in the program may branch out to viola or cello, and as their skill grows, they join our orchestra. The orchestra performs in several concerts per year, including concerts with the professional musicians of the Verde Valley Sinfonietta.


Spring Strings Concert

Music and Theater

Sedona Charter School students have many opportunities to develop performance and presentation skills, beginning with singing and playing recorders and developing multi-media history presentations in Lower Elementary, to Mystery History and end-of-year plays in Upper Elementary, to dynamic theater productions and choral performances in Middle School.


School Play

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