Welcome to Sedona Charter School, a K-8 tuition-free Montessori school where your child can flourish in a safe, small-school environment that fosters personal and academic growth. We offer individualized academic programs, emphasize outdoor education, and offer an acclaimed musical strings program that begins in 1st grade.  Please take some time to explore this site and learn more about us.
***Our big benefit show–2017: A Strings Odyssey–on March 29 at Sedona Performing Arts Center was a big success!  Click here to purchase a video of the show!  ***
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SCS Events

2017: A Strings Odyssey Benefit Show
March 29, 2017
Sedona Performing Arts Center
A huge success!  Thanks to all the students, staff, volunteers, donors, and performing arts professionals who put their heart and soul into this event!  Click here to purchase the downloadable video.

School Highlights

Did you know Sedona Charter School Offers…

Healthy Organic Hot Lunches
Honors Math
Musical Strings Instruction for Grades 1 through 8
Music and Theater
Rigorous Academics

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What Parents Say About Sedona Charter School

Towards the end of every school year, the Sedona Charter School sends an anonymous survey out to the parents. Below are comments shared by parents from the 2015-2016 school year.

“I love when my son comes home and tells me he loves school.”

“I feel the individual attention given to every child is what makes every kid thrive.”

“It’s the best choice in the area.”

What parents like about SCS Class Size, School Environment, and Community:

It’s a small but solid community.

Smaller class sizes and more individualized teaching for each child. A more creative teaching approach. A sense of community.

The togetherness and sense of community

Small size and Student-teacher ratio

The setting offers a sense of community and teaches independence.

No competition, small, beautiful environment .

We were impressed with the student:teacher ratio.

In Sedona Charter School, the ratio of teacher to student is 1:15 as oppose to public school where it is 1:30 (or more).

The size of the classroom creates a friendly environment and with the amount of teachers safe learning.

Comments about the Teachers:

Approachable teachers, strong academics, accountability and boundaries.

The staff commitment to the children in LE is amazing!

Great teachers who care.

Experienced teachers who have practiced Montessori education for years.

The teachers in upper elementary class go above and beyond to ensure a safe and successful learning experience.

The best teachers.

Variety of educational tools and experienced staff.

Willingness to help children in any way they can to help them progress.

The fact that the teachers genuinely care about each child and helping them understand what they are teaching the children and taking the time to make sure that each child is comfortable in their learning environment as well as getting the help that they need to be successful in school.

The multiple years of experience from the educators who love doing their job.

What parents like about the SCS Montessori Program:

Academic excellence, inspiring environment, individualized instruction/guidance

For the UE classroom, I believe it has been the well rounded experiences, with emphasize on Field Trips, hiking,

Hands on learning, Individual education.

Diverse educational programs as well as offsite educational opportunities.

Teaching children as individuals.

Education is tailored to student’s strengths and weaknesses. Montessori system makes sense and kids seem to naturally excel in this learning format.

Preparation of and teamwork among teachers, students taught to be responsible for the progress of their own education, broad range of subjects explored by children, and family involvement.

Encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning and to enjoy it, and feel good about their accomplishments.

Children work at their ability level.

Individualized education tracks that allow each student to find not only their pace but their path.

My child being able to learn at her own pace. Also the teachers are great!

Children are given freedom to be who they are. The violin strings program.

Quality of Field Trips and healthy lunch options, Montessori style.

Individualized instruction and pacing as well as friendly, knowledgeable teachers.

My children seem to thrive and benefit with the ability to control their daily education pace and tasking. I believe it creates more benefit that correlates to life and from such an early age will serve them long term.

Sedona Charter School provides outstanding quality of education that is tailored to each student. For example, if a student is strong in math, they are encouraged to do more difficult problems. If someone is weaker in a subject they are supported in that subject.

We are so pleased with the quality of his education, as well as how he has learned to approach his own learning.

Fostering independent love of learning. I wish I could share with other parents who are new in the LE that we were also concerned with our children being able to focus in the busy room and being so individually motivated to stay self-directed and get their work done. As they progress into the older group in the room we are seeing them start to master these skills and are thrilled at the personal development approach along-side an extremely academically strong program. I love how Bob and Terri incorporate a variety of teaching strategies to develop the student knowledge and skills.

Montessori based education allows the children to learn from each other as well as the teachers.

Variety of educational tools and teaching methods.

Want to enroll your child? Click here or call the office at 928-204-6464.