Practice Makes Perfect

Peter Hoyle

Peter Hoyle

Peter Hoyle attended Sedona Charter School from Kindergarten through 8th grade, with a year off when he lived in California. Now a senior at Sedona Red Rock High School (SRRHS), Peter took the most challenging classes he could and found that he particularly enjoys the physical sciences. He ran cross-country for one year, and this spring he will captain the tennis team after competing at the varsity level for two years.

In addition to sports, Peter has been busy performing both musically and theatrically. He is currently preparing for a lead role as Doctor Seward in the upcoming play Dracula, playing November 12-15 at the Sedona Performing Arts Center.

One of the greatest influences in his life was the music education he received at SCS, starting in third grade. That laid the foundation for a life-long love of music and a goal to make it his career. Peter plans to attend Northern Arizona University with the goal of earning a doctorate in music performance and teaching cello at the college level. “Orchestra was my favorite thing in high school,” he says. “I was the only cellist in the very first orchestra class at Red Rock—there were only seven of us in the whole orchestra. Now there are about 30.”

Like so many of his SCS classmates, Peter feels comfortable in front of an audience. “I think it may be because at Charter there is such a strong sense of community. You know you are safe among your classmates and you can speak your mind. That comfort with speaking and performing in front of others becomes natural and stays with you.”

Looking back on his years at SCS, Peter says that the teacher who stands out the most for him is Bob Wentsch. “So much of the discipline I have now is rooted in what Bob taught. He is a great model of perseverance and discipline.” Peter notes that his favorite characteristic of the school was the feeling of freedom. “I felt like I was in complete control, even though looking back I realize I was guided. But that feeling of being in charge of your future pushes your character forward. All of the Charter kids I know are great, interesting people of character.”

Peter also remembers the field trips to Zion, Havasupai, and Montessori Model UN in New York: “Those trips knitted together a lot of the things we were learning in the classroom, and they are experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.”