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We need your help to build our Performing Arts Classroom!

This classroom will allow us to develop choral programs and drama electives, to host guest performances, and to continue to build our already outstanding strings program.

The Sedona Charter School Strings Program fosters the development of youth who understand, through experience, the meaning of perseverance, precision, teamwork — and beautiful music.

IMG_6695We need your help to raise $165,000 to build a 2200 square-foot classroom for the 110 children who presently learn in a very limited space — a tiny converted one-car garage!

As of September 17, 2018, we have raised $115,000 of the $165,000 needed to fund the classroom — please add power to this effort with your donation. You can even contribute up to $400 for married couples or $200 as an individual through the Arizona Public School Tax Credit and receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your state taxes for your contribution!

Seven years ago, Kristina Beachell, an accomplished master violinist, founded a Suzuki-based musical strings program at our little public Montessori school that has grown into something truly amazing.  More than 100 children in grades 1 through 8 — nearly 80% of our total student body — participate in this program. They receive lessons twice a week and a school-provided instrument to bring home and practice.  Many of them participate in orchestras that meet before and after school.  They perform in major concerts three times per year, and go out in smaller groups to perform at community events.


Seven students and a teacher barely squeeze into our 11 x 15-foot music classroom.

The result is a near miracle and something which is likely unique across the entire state. We are a small, rural, public Montessori school with limited means.  Yet despite our limitations, our young musicians deliver spellbinding concerts in the local performing arts center.  Individually, many of them win in local and regional music competitions.  Collectively, they make magic.

IMG_5899This program is a source of pride for our school, students, parents, and surrounding community.  It is also causing growing pains.  Presently, our children are being taught in a tiny room, barely big enough to fit Ms. Beachell and nine students.  Aside from this being as many as will fit in the room, any more students in the room violates fire code.  This year, because of growing interest and involvement, we have had to turn away students who wanted to join the program because there is no more room for them!

We simply need more space.  We need to do right by our students.  We can do better, and with your help, we will.

If the Sedona Charter School musicians can perform such miracles as they have with this little room, imagine what they can do with a whole building.  We truly believe that we are fostering musicians, that we are releasing to the world high performing, well-rounded, disciplined, better prepared individuals.

Such an amazing program brings people together and makes for a better, stronger community.

Please donate now to help make our performing arts classroom a reality!

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