Poetry Rocks!

Mackinzi Taylor

Mackinzi Taylor

Mackinzi Taylor

2009 SCS graduate Mackinzi Taylor can tell you a thing or two about poetry. One of four finalists in the state her senior year in Poetry Out Loud, Mackinzi enjoys reciting poetry and making the words come alive for the listener.

Mackinzi graduated from Red Rock High School in 2013 and is a veteran slam poet, music lover, book worm, caffeine fiend and avid hiker. She now attends the University of Colorado, Boulder where she majors in environmental design and architecture. She hopes to graduate in 2017.

Mackinzi enjoys poetry in large part because of her mentor Christopher Lane. She competed in Poetry Out Loud because “I enjoy putting myself out there and expressing myself through the words of each poem. The listeners get to see part of me and part of the author of the poem. My favorite type of poetry is free verse because it seems to be a lot more emotional and direct.”

Mackinzi has been writing poetry since she was a child. “I have written a lot of poems, most of which I don’t want to admit I wrote. I have about 5-6 poems that I recite and use often. The most important thing about poetry is meeting other poets and talking with people who enjoy the same authors and poems that you enjoy.”

Teachers like Christopher Lane and those at Sedona Charter School are the greatest gifts a school can give a student. “Their willingness to support me on a personal level changed my entire life.”

The most meaningful experience Mackinzi recalls from SCS was her trip to Arcosanti. “It really helped change my perspective on how people can and should live and was the catalyst for my interest in architecture. I remember talking with Mr. Anderson about the implications of a place like Arcosanti, the impact it could have, and why it hadn’t succeeded.”

Other teachers who stand out in Mackinzi’s life include Jan Montgomery, who coached her for a spelling bee. “This was the first time a teacher helped me succeed at something outside of school. Jo Burke was also a wonderful teacher who gave me books every week to read outside of school and ignited my love of reading and poetry.”

And of course, Jon Anderson, who to this day remains one of my absolute favorite teachers. Going to New York for MMUN is still one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Mr. Anderson gave me the opportunity to explore my own interests and share them with the class, which is not an opportunity I had in any other school. It was invaluable.”

“My Montessori education taught me to take initiative with my own education. The teaching style made me a motivated student, doing things for my own benefit rather than just because I was told to. This definitely puts SCS students ahead of the pack when they get to RRHS. I was one of 3 valedictorians and 2 were graduates of Sedona Charter School. The work ethic that I have today can be traced directly back to the education I received at Sedona Charter School.”