• President, Yamile Daher (Community Representative)
  • Vice President, Meg Haesloop (Parent Representative)
  • Treasurer, Julie James (Parent Representative)
  • Steven Paley (Parent Representative)
  • John Griffin (Community Representative)
  • Crystal Hoyle (Executive Director)
  • Susan Ashley (Upper Elementary Principal Educator)
  • Katarina Houser (Lower Elementary Principal Educator)
  • Gail Olson (Sedona Montessori School Administrator)
  • Jacki Rice (Middle School Principal Educator)

Yamile Daher, M.A. – Governing Council President

Yamile Daher completed a Bachelor of Arts, in Translation and Interpretation – Spanish/English from California State University, Long Beach, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University, Los Angeles.  She began her career as a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, while working as a Suicide Crisis Counselor for Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services at their Suicide Prevention Center (SPC). As the first organization in the U.S. to establish a 24-hour suicide prevention crisis line, the SPC has since become the model for crisis lines worldwide.  She was eventually promoted to Training Coordinator, teaching and guiding new counselors in techniques of crisis intervention. Her specialization continues to be in crisis counseling, working directly with children, teens and adults.  Currently, Yamile works as an Adult Therapist for Spectrum Health Care Group and she is a program counselor at the Behavioral Health Unit at the Verde Valley Medical Center where she works with individuals and leads groups for clients that are in acute need of counseling. Yamile also works with Homeward Bound as a Transition Coach, helping teens that have completed treatment programs integrate back into their families. Originally from Lima, Peru, Yamile enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.  In Sedona, she enjoys hiking with her family.

Steven Paley O.D.

Originally from Ukraine, Steve grew up in New York City. After obtaining an undergraduate degree from New York University, he studied at SUNY College of Optometry where he received his doctorate degree. In his spare time, Steve enjoys hiking the trails of Sedona, swimming with the Sedona masters swim team and scuba diving the deep waters of Hawaii.  He strongly believes in the Montessori system of education that supports individualized approach to learning, yet fosters teamwork and respect for the community.

Suzi Ashley, B.A. — Upper Elementary Classroom Principal Educator

After an extensive search for just the right person to lead our Upper Elementary classroom (grades 4-6), we were thrilled to find Suzi Ashley, a teacher who particularly connects with this age group. Suzi comes to us with 15 years of teaching experience, including four years in Mexico. With a B.A. in Education from Arizona State University, she is Arizona and Colorado state-certified to teach the elementary grades. Those who know her refer to her as an excellent teacher who is creative and dynamic, keeping the students moving both physically and academically, and who is particularly strong at building collaborative relationships. She teaches “to build better humans,” and enjoys using varied teaching strategies to address the learning needs of all her students. In her spare time she loves running and travel—which may explain why the first marathon she ran was in Florence, Italy. Suzi has spent time in 15 different countries and believes “the best way to understand a culture is to experience it first-hand.”

Gail Olson — Sedona Montessori School Administrator

Gail is a strong proponent for Montessori education. She has been on our Governing Council since 2006. She has also been the Sedona Montessori School’s administrator since 1993 and works in the classroom as a primary teacher. Gail’s experience, dedication and organizational skills are great assets to our Governing Council.

Jacki Rice, B.A. — Middle School Principal Educator

Jacki joined Sedona Charter School as our Middle School Principal Educator in the summer of 2019.