From Ultimate Frisbee to a PhD in Biology

Dylan George-Sills

Dylan George-Sills attended Sedona Charter School from 6th-8th grades and went on to graduate as the valedictorian of Sedona Red Rock High School in 2011.


Dylan George-Sills

One of Dylan’s favorite learning experiences were the SCS science fairs.  “We were tasked with developing a testable hypothesis and performing scientific experiments to accept or reject the hypothesis.  I won both science fairs at SCS and went on to place in both regional science fairs as well. That helped spark my love for science and research.

Another significant learning experience was the Student Council led by Jo Burke. The club allowed me to explore leadership roles that I had not been exposed to prior.  Not only did I benefit from serving in a leadership position, but I also learned important communication and teamwork skills that undoubtedly have benefited me in the years since.”

The teacher that impacted Dylan the most was Jon Anderson.  “He not only pushed me academically, but was also a great leader and friend in the Hiking Club as well as outside of school and into my high school and college years.  We were able to find common interests in photography and hiking that led to a great friendship.”

“The Montessori method allowed me to be relatively independent and set goals for myself.  I believe that setting goals and creating a schedule to accomplish those goals is an important skill to master. The freedom of the Montessori Method for customizing my education, to an extent, and using my time how I saw fit, allowed me to grow as a student and an individual.  I learned to take responsibility for myself, but also to ask for help when necessary, another important skill for anyone to learn.”

Dylan George-Sills is currently in his last semester at Arizona State University, majoring in biology with a concentration on conservation biology and ecology and a minor in sustainability.  He will be graduating summa cum laude from Barrett Honors College after a short study abroad opportunity in Panama working for a field biology program. He has applied for three PhD programs in biology at ASU, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Davis. But Dylan is not all work and no play. He is president of the ASU Men’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team.  “I believe my ability to do well in school can be traced back to sources in SCS where I was exposed to leadership roles and taught to work to achieve what I wanted.”

“I owe a lot of gratitude to the faculty and staff at SCS and Sedona Red Rock High School for supporting me in my education and always pushing me to be the best I could be.”