Serving Country

Cassandra M. Kovac

Cassandra M. Kovac

Cassandra M. Kovac

Cassandra M. Kovac is currently an Ensign (O-1) in the Navy serving our country as a Supply Corps Officer. She attended Sedona Charter School from first through 8th grade and went on to graduate from Verde Valley High School in 2010.

“One of the many things I loved about SCS was the hands on method of teaching, especially when it came to math. I can still remember sitting in Bob’s classroom working on my long division and multiplication using those little unit blocks, or ‘tens’ rods. I have always thought that a hands on approach to learning is something every child should experience.”

The most significant life skill Cassi learned at Sedona Charter School was time management. She became aware of this at an early age, and thoroughly needed and reveled in it during her high school and college years. “The fact that we had to keep planners from fourth through eighth grade to keep track of our classes and assignments made high school and college that much easier. When it comes to time management, you cannot have enough of it.” Because Montessori education allows the student so much freedom to explore and learn new things, time management was crucial. Whether planning her daily routine or managing her school work, time management was key. “I still have vivid memories of all the reading reports and Mystery History projects I did in 4th-6th grade that inspired me to enjoy reading and to delve into history more as a child. To this day I can still spit off facts I learned about Napoleon!”

“Every teacher I had at SCS impacted me in some way, however, if I were to choose a specific teacher, I would have to say Mrs. Burke. She was my 7th-8th grade teacher and principal. I just always admired how she would constantly push us to not just do better academically, but just better as a person. She would not let her students take the easy way out, and I truly thank her for that. Learning to work hard and not give up served me well in the Naval Academy. I am grateful for all my teachers at SCS because my education focused on becoming a humble, well-rounded person.  Each teacher in their own way taught me humility.”

After graduating from VVS, Cassi attended the United States Naval Academy, graduating on May 23rd, 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in Science and English. “I believe the root for my pursuing an English Major stemmed from Mrs. Burke and her love for the language, and from my grandmother, who at times seemed like one and the same person.”

“I am currently signed on to serve my country for at least 7 years, however I am looking at maybe serving more time depending on what my future endeavors hold. I have been stationed at the Naval Academy since graduation, working in the Disbursing Office with some of the other Supply Corps Officers on the yard. On January 12, 2015 I will be re-stationed to Newport Rhode Island where I will be attending Supply Corps Officer School for 5 months. After that I will be using all I learned at Sedona Charter School wherever the Navy takes me!”