Committees and Governing Council

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Following is a list of the Governing Council members who are responsible for the governance  of Sedona Charter School, and the various committees and chairs who provide a service to the school through their generous gift of time, effort, and community spirit.

Governing Council:

  • President, Maureen Nealon (Community Representative)
  • Vice President, Andres Santiago (Parent Representative)
  • Secretary, Jane Cathcart (Community Representative)
  • Alice Madar (Director of Finance and Administration)
  • Bob Wentsch (Lower Elementary Principal Educator)
  • Lisa Hirsch (Upper Elementary Principal Educator)
  • Jennifer Jordan (Middle School Principal Educator)
  • Tara Reed (Parent Representative)
  • Gail Olson (Sedona Montessori School Administrator)
  • Jenni Goldman (Sedona Montessori School Parent Representative)

Budget Information:

SCS Standing Committees:


  • Distribute and collect “Teacher Goals For the Year” sheets
  • Create evaluation calendar
  • Coordinate volunteers, consultants and faculty to execute evaluations
  • Ensure evaluations are conducted in accordance with job descriptions and policies
  • Compile data (including parent survey results) and present to appropriate parties/discuss
  • Monitor the school’s progression and compliance with its plans, goals and policies
  • When the committee finds the school out of compliance, notify the G.C. and help develop a plan to bring the school into compliance


  • Provide regular communication between school and community through press releases, newspaper articles, photo submissions, etc.
  • Produce and distribute monthly all-school newsletter
  • Help other committees produce flyers or mailings


  • Seek out and solicit help from community resources (including individuals and organizations) that can contribute funds or can benefit the classrooms as field trip sites, mentors, guest speakers, etc.
  • Research student community service opportunities and organize projects
  • Develop public relations and goodwill throughout the Verde Valley


  • Update volunteer list
  • Coordinate volunteers for committees and events
  • Track and record volunteer hours
  • Provide a committee member for each classroom to serve as “Teacher’s Helper” to organize classroom volunteers, implement a phone tree, and organize class events and activities
  • Organize parent-to-parent social events to deepen parent interactions in support of the school, also to develop a sense of school community and to encourage parents face-to-face to serve on committees and get involved
  • Set up highly qualified guest speakers to address Montessori and other educational ideas.
  • Organize Volunteer Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Week


  • Review budget and work with the G.C. to identify needs and set goals for short-term and long-term fund-raising.
  • Develop and implement the Annual Giving program and major donor program.
  • Organize a subcommittee to write new grants or liaison with a professional grant writer, and follow the process through to fruition.


  • Charter Compliance
  • Curriculum Review
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Hiring
  • Nominating
  • Strategic Planning (Develop short-term and long-term plans for growth and viability to be presented to the board and displayed in the board room)

Office Help and Grounds Keeping Volunteer Contact: Alice Madar (Director of Finance and Administration)


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